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Playbook For Sale With Prices Starting Rp 5 Million

JAKARTA – When introduced to the media some time ago, tablet PlayBook will go on sale in Indonesia approximately 16 July.

But consumers can begin to make a reservation starting on Thursday (07/07/2011) yesterday. In some official retail systems even offer pre-orders are available online through http://id.blackberry.com/playbook/wheretobuy.

Despite its presence, including late, RIM’s VP of Sales & Distribution for Southeast Asia, Hastings Singh, sure Playbook will be well received by consumers in Indonesia.

“We are very optimistic with the sales Playbook in Indonesia which is one of the key markets in the world of BlackBerry. People Indonesia to love the BlackBerry, and vice versa,” Hastings said when met at the sidelines of the launch of the Playbook at the Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, last night.

Asked about the tablet market competition becomes more intense, especially with the iPad (Apple) and Galaxy (Samsung) are very popular in Indonesia, Hastings insisted there is always room to market this Playbook.

“The market tablets in Indonesia has been growing rapidly. We are aware of the Indonesian people loved technology, and they especially love the BlackBerry. With the combination that I am quite optimistic with the opportunities Playbook here,” added Hastings.

Playbook will now be available in three variants in Indonesia and sold Rp4.999.000 (16GB), Rp5.999.000 (32GB) and Rp6.999.000 (64GB).

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